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Dr. David Bricker works with individuals and couples alike, to help create a better life. Consult with Dr. Bricker regarding your concerns and work to identify specific issues and apply practical solutions and techniques.

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couples therapy

Work together with a therapist to address issues in your relationship and strengthen the bond between you and your partner


individuals therapy

Work one-on-one with a psychologist to address obstacles and learn skills to overcome them



Attend a professional seminar and learn new skills for your own practice

About dr. david bricker


David Bricker has participated in many areas of the psychology world. His experience ranges beyond that of a typical clinical psychologist.

In addition to running a successful practice in the financial district for several decades, Dr. Bricker has taught his skills in several other arenas, as well. From coaching Anderson Cooper and Forbes staff on practical skillsets, to working hands-on in some of America’s most notorious prisons, Dr. Bricker has developed methods of practice that are useful for all people. Dr. David Bricker is active in the diverse world of psychology and employs methods new and old and uses a practical approach to help people overcome any and all obstacles they may face. Dr. David Bricker also leads professional seminars where other industry professionals can learn new methods and practices.

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